Wednesday, September 16, 2009

David Hokney's vid

I have little interst or understanding of art but i found this film to be very intertaning. mr hokney's theroy is not beyond belief and im inclided to belive artist did use his theory method. does this disapoint or relieve me? not really, i have an indiferent point of view no matter what the truth really is. was it wrong for an artist to trace? i dont think so, especialy if he was being payed to do a good job. im also sure that very few if no artist would have to rely on this. all professional artist are very talented and im sure the mirror method was just a quick and efficient way to finnish a job and move on. thats what i would have done if i was a painter man. Trace a dude and his wife, color over it with some paint, collect a large check, and head to the bar! or taveren or pub or whatever. but the point is that this Hokney theory method was probably a good way to make money and no one is above making money.i read some of the other blogs and noticed that some have some wicked hate for poor old mr Hokney. He is just a nice old guy that likes to study art. probubly like most of you guys. i also do not believe that mr Hokney was trying to say that old artist were not talented. mr Hokney probably just stumbled across this idea and got crazy excited and took it to the limit. this is how i assume most art enthusist would react. all things considered this was a good video and well worth the class time.

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