Monday, March 30, 2009

Theocratic Government

In many countries, the government is controlled in a theocratic way, meaning church and state are one. Throughout history, it can be proven that this is a bad idea and there are no advantages to this form of government. Theocracies usually rule by fear. When a theocratic nation conquers another area, they usually employ the convert or die way of ruling. If the people didn't convert to the chosen religion they were often killed, if they were unable to escape. Another disadvantage would be when citizens disagree with the church and go toward a different religion, the nation loses citizens, thus decreasing the size of the empire. Also, the people have no say in governmental actions. The government makes decisions on what will benefit the church and not what will benefit the people that make up the church. These people are also taxed in order to improve the church and pay for the government/church leaders. This also causes people to leave the country. When all of these things go wrong the large majority of the citizens tend to not agree with how they are being ruled. This unpleasantness may lead to a revolt, which has been known to happen time and time again. The people aer unsatisfied and the lead a revolt to take over the government. In most cases the people succeed in their mission and overthrow the government. In any outcome, a theocratic government is clearly not a good idea and has no advantages to it.

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