Monday, October 6, 2008

Photography's Impact

Photography has made such an impact on the world of fine art, illustration and graphic design. Photographs provide us with somewhat of a realistic and accurate occurrence in time. A photograph captures objects in the most realistic way possible. A photograph also was an undeniable document then, it was unable to be altered with such things as Photoshop.

In the beginning, we were only able to capture these situations by drawing or painting; creating these occasions with our hands. When the first camera, if you will, was invented; it opened up a door to a new revolution.

The light drawings replaced wood engravings, it was less costly, and it created a tool for fine artists to work off of. The light drawing, however; took hours to create an image. Although, like I said before, light drawings opened another door for artists by creating a research or inspirational tool. Many artists used these pictures to work off of, which eventually put models, wood engravers and illustrators out of work.

These photographs helped fine artists find new view points, perspectives, light angles, a way of providing light. Another advantage from painting from a photograph was that the artist did not have to worry about the model or object stay still. The artist was able to focus on the detail of an object because the photograph would capture it.

Photography has made the artistic world what it is today, without photographs we may not have such programs as Photoshop. It has impacted the world in many different ways, and I believe photography is a very beautiful gift to the artistic world.

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