Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Online Journal Assignment #1

Italy was hit the hardest by the black death, a plague which affected the production of art in the 14th century. With so many people sick and dying, the plague created a huge growth in the building of hospitals for the sick and it also brought about a desire to create more religious works of art. This was a huge boom for artists in this era. With a growing need for designs for new hospitals, arcitecture was very big during this time. People wanted art work that held a religious value. So, artists began producing art that held religious value. Artists used religious expression throughtout their works to try to get a positive reaction out of people. The plague created a lot of sorrow and loss, people needed something to believe in. The works that were produced were trying to rely a message to the people and regain that faithfulness and hope. Religion was something people could lean on and turn to during the hardest times. Art provided that during the time of the plague in the 14th century.

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