Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fine Art Vs. Graphic Design

There may be many differences between both fine art and graphic design, however, the major difference lies within thier influences. Fine art is a form of free expression, coming from both the artists instinct and emotion. It has no purpose, it is purely a from of free expression. Fine art can have any outcome because of the artist. But mainly fine art is derived through the artists emotions. Whether they are happy, sad, angry, excited, or even jealous; all have significant influence to the artworks outcome. Graphics design is not so well based of ones own ideas and expression. Graphics design serves a purpose, mainly for marketing and advertising these days. It is not influenced by one's self, but by what a "client" wants the image to express. Graphics design basically uses a single image or logo to bring it's point across in the most bold, yet subtle way possible. The end result being to grab a "consumers" attention to make them want to puchase the product advertised, attend that event, etc. So, let's put this in a nut shell. Fine art is derived from an artists influence only, while graphic design is influenced by what best grabs a consumers attention. Influence is one of the many differences between fine art and graphics design.

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Stephanie Lewis said...

"It has no purpose, it is purely a from of free expression." Fine Art has "no purpose?"