Tuesday, September 16, 2008

apocalypse today

Apocalypse-"...prophetic or symbolic versions, especially of the imminent destruction of the world and the salvation of the righteous."-dictionary.com Over the years, artists have interpreted many subjects in their own ways. As for the apocolype, some depict the four horseman, others set scenes of war and chaos. Because of the many movies and artwork about the apocalypse, people are desensitized of the subject. It may be mearly a movie to them. Some of the pictures i found show george bush as a horseman or corny comic strips. If these images were presented back in the day, say A.D. 1047, it would be considered sacraligious and the artist would be persecuted. I found very few pieces that i actually liked. These are a couple that no one
else had.
In early years artwork refering to the apocalypse was created for the many illiterate people. The art was not straightforward at all. I guess this left room for interpretation. On page 52 in our textbook, figure 4-13 shows the four horseman. This is one artists interpretation. the use of bold colors evoke strong emotions such as fear. I dont really like this picture because it looks like a third grader could have drawn it. It just isnt visually appealing to me.
I am not very educated in this subject, nor do i care to be. I did however, enjoy looking for pictures, seeing the differant interpretations. The idea of an apocalypse is not something i will loose sleep over because it originated out of ignorance. Now that we know better, the causes of eclipses and disease, we need something else to look forward to, besides the end of the world.

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