Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Hello, my name is Edward Candland. I have re-entered college after many years of being away. I was not what could be called a stellar student when I was young and when I got old enough to realize what I missed out on, I regretted not finishing school. I worked in the photofinishing industry most of my life until I got laid off due to a major slowdown in the industry. My wife suggested I go back to school, if that is what I wanted to do. I did just that and I'm having a blast. I am lucky man to have a wife who is willing to support me as I continue my education. I am majoring in art education and wish to teach art at the high school level (my wife is a business teacher). The only snag that I have run across is that I have fallen in love with geology after taking a general geology class and now I am planning on a double major and teaching licenses in both art and physical/earth sciences.

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