Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hi, my name is Krystal Deadmond.
I am in my freshman year and currently trying to get a degree in photography. I live here in bentonville, a dedicated boxer, a devoted mother of 2 (a 18 month old baby boy : who is in the picture with me: and a 2 week old baby girl), and am engaged. I was born and raised in Missouri ( Rolla, Springfield, Crane, Galena, Cassville, and many other towns). At age 19 i joined the military right after high school and traveled all over the U.S. i was discharged after 2 Yrs. and am just now deciding to return to school. When it comes to the history of art i don't realy know anything, but i like egyptian things and anything that's realy old. i would eventualy like to get a degree in archeology. i like cats but cannot own them because my children have alergies to them so i own fish. i like any kind puzzles (mainly suduko puzzles) because of the mind challenge and i also like video games. So far my favorite video game is called Mojo on xbox and i like Need For Speed: Underground on Playstation2. My favorite horror movie is Rose Red and another favorite is 8 Mile.

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