Saturday, August 30, 2008

Assigment #1 How the plague affected artistic production in Italy iin 14th century.

Well, we see that Italy at this time, the 14th century was a very good formed country, as we know there was city -satates and as well as kingdoms, and Italy was a very prosper nation. In terms of art a great change was taking place. That change was the moving from the gothic age to the renaissance, now the people do not focus just on paintings and drawings but also they focused on reading and literature and sculpture.

Italy had a good balance between economics politics and art in the 14th century. But thay got hit by something that would change the art forever, The black death. This particular plague took away the lives of at least one fourth of the population of Europe. This was a chaos because this plague came to brake the stability of the italians and all the europeans.

This events in Europe made to change the way of seen art. Now artist started to portrait dead people, in some artworks from this part of time we also find skeletons wich was very rare before the 14th century. Also in sculpture, the creation of devotional images took place (gardner's). In the altars of the churches were found images that people could pray and ask, this was like the saints in this days. We can say in conclusion that in the 14th century art had a tremendous change. Death was incorporated to painting and sculpture becuase of the bulbonic plague. The way art was seen at this time was very different than it was before.

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