Monday, May 5, 2008

The future of graphic design

What is the future of graphic design? I believe that we have just began to see what the future holds for the graphic designers and what they can accomplish with new computer software. But it does seem that what we are seeing today is just a recreation of what others have done in the past. Who knows though im sure someone will come along with a totally new concept that will blow the World away.
With the rate that computer programs are quickly evolving we think now that we are able to do anything. But in the future someone will probably come up with a simpler way to do things and we will wonder how we ever used Photoshop.
With everyone using the internet nowadays I believe that’s were the future will be. Graphic designers can create objects that move and talk for the viewers pleasure. The use of half naked women in ads and commercials today seems to be pretty common. That was never even thought of back when TV commercials first started.
Movies such as Beo Wulf or Shrek that are fully computer designed seem to be getting better. But who knows maybe in the future we will have a computer that can interact with people and make an animated movie without the designers having to do anything but tell it what they want.
But what the future holds for graphic design is impossible to tell. Once you think that designers have thought of everything they surprise the public with an even more unthinkable design that will blow us away

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