Friday, April 4, 2008

Russian Orthodox Church

I was very impressed with the amount of background information on Russian Icons our speaker had. I think it's awesome how the Rus king Vladimir not only inquired about every possible religion but also sent a group of his own people to experience each places religion first hand. It also cool to learn about the heritage of the Russian people, like them being Vikings and all. I especially liked the information on the Orthodox church and the use of icons in their churches. I never really understood having all the paintings and stuff in all their churches, but now I do. I could see how having things like that around all the time could bring a person's spiritual experience to a whole new level. I mean especially if you were in one of the older churches that has been around for hundreds of years. I also think the ministers information on the church was interesting. I never really thought that much about the Orthodox church, but with the speakers from Wednesday, I feel like I have learned a little more about it. I even think it would be cool to visit the church in Springdale to see what it's like.

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