Monday, April 28, 2008

Romanesque reflection...

Art during the Romanesque times progressed from day to day. It was used as a way to express their beliefs and tell the stories of their saints. It was a way to educated their new converts on how they felt and believed, too. One could say the Romanesque era was a the time in history when a personal journey and dedication to religion flurished. It was well known that the churches and cathedrals in the Romanesque era were dedications to their saints and their god. Building churches not only effected the religion on the area, it also effected the economy as well. Churches were built to house the relics of their saints. Each churches architect would build extra spaces to house relics of saints. Building these giant cathedrals became quite a spectacle as well. One church could more than likely provide jobs for hundreds of people. As the Romans began to take over more and more towns and cities, there became a need for more and more churches to be built in these new found cities. Thus creating jobs for people. You can clearly tell how dedicated the Romans were to their religion. Every aspect of their churches and cathedrals were percisely planned out. The use of stone carvings and wall to wall paintings added to them. It was the way that layed out their churches that made the Romanesque era so distinct. They clearly were dedicated to their religion and wanted to share it with the world. Even though it has been centuries since the Roman empire ruled the world, the make they left still reaches people around the world. I think it would be safe to say that they definantely accomplished creating a forever lasting imprint on the world.

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