Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Imagery and People

Proliferation of imagery is diverse in ads, cartoons, packaging products, TV, magazine and so on. In today’s world we seem to abundantly process so much information that we don't notice that is overpowering us. Thanks to the television we see ads in every channel and cartoons animation. Some images that people see can manipulate you. Children get manipulated from TV commercial all the time by friendly character they seem to know and fond on. These are the types of images that give bad examples to them.

In history
Proliferation of imagery has progress for people. From the cave painting walls, to scrolls, Later on we had the invention of books, then the television, and now the internet. With computers and the Internet the information there is limitless. The cyberspace where anything you want to know and have is just of few clicks away. The Internet has evolve over the years. Now people can read news, watch videos, and look at some pictures all in an instant. Today it seem that people seem to fascinated technology. And thats what the future is heading too.

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