Monday, April 14, 2008

Government Funding the Arts?

One day God created man, or for those who believe on something else well the man land it here or a big explosion made him, anyways! Sences that happen Man kind being making art even by mistake. Arts are part of the mans soul and only the person should be able to decide what is done with his art work. At the same time we need to think that money is a big need for art making in today’s world. For this reason if any other none profit organization can get their hands in our hard earn money after taxes are paid, so artist should get some type of funding. This do not mean that government will get any rights or the people will get any right over the type of art that is made. But hey we don’t even have a say of what type of toilet the president sit on. So, we should get the funding with no strings attach. In another hand, lets be realistic is not going to happen we are not going to get it without no string attach. So all I got to said to you all my brothers and sisters artist is, keep working your self to death on amazing art and don’t let money or anyone get on your way.
P.S. Charge them as much as you can to even the score out!…

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