Monday, April 21, 2008

advantages and disadvantages of pagen beliefs

There can be adavantages and disadvantages in any religion but moat relgions have pagen beliefs blended in with christans beliefs just as well. some of the examples would be the fact of in some art there are pagen ideas like worshiping nature. also in the christan religion there isn't suppose to be any idolizem and there is. later on in the years they finally decided that they needed to make or create images and statues of the bibical people that could have excists along time ago. these could advantages because people in the world think on different wave lengths and some could believe this or on the down side, the disadvantage they dont like it. the advantage is they like the idea of statues and images so they can handle the idea that they can see what they can't see. for example, there are no images of God himself but people still believe His there. but there are some that need that idea that they need something to look at and keep being reminded that there was someone that cared for them and loved them enough to care about their sins. on the disvantage i mentioned earlier, some people dont need things like imaes to believe and think that having these images and statues exspecially are very demon like. they would considered the people who meed them are pagens and they will go to heck in a handbag becasue they beileve such hocas pocus.

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