Sunday, March 2, 2008

What Greek beliefs about the human body are continued to this day?

According to Greek legend this is the fifth race of man, which is known as the iron man and destined to pass away. The Greeks believed this a better race than the four races prior to this one, but it will never rest from labor, trouble, sorrow. This iron man race will be good mixed with evil. The first four races of man each had advantages which they abused and the races were ended or banished. Artists portrayed the previous races as god like or as demi gods. Artists were challenged to portray their work of statues, murals and paintings more awesomely in great detail showing correct proportion more so than any other time in history.

Today these statues, murals and paintings are copied in the same fashion elevating the human body to exact proportion and detail. Today’s athlete, youth and elderly strive to be in perfect form and have tools available for self maintenance of their body shape. Gymnasiums, spas, health clubs provide a public venue to use the facility to maintain the perfect body shape. There is a fixation to exercise, hydrate, and moderate eating habits. Those that add weight make comment against their own abuses or make commitments to correct and change their habits.

Public places such as health club buildings, advertisement, art studios, and churches all provide views of the great human body using the same techniques that the Greeks did in architecture and artwork. Today Greek columns, murals, and the scenes of the human body in action or posed are repeated in the same fashion that are evident in ancient Greek ruins.

George Breslau

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