Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What Greek beliefs about the human being and the human body are continued to this day?

Greece has many nude male ancient arts that express and symbolizes their beliefs and cultures.Back in the days, mainly men decided decisions and they were treated like king in the family when woman had no power at all.Because they saw their gods as having male human body and they think beauty of body and goodness of soul were the essense of human, male perfection. Male nudity was a widespread phenomenon of Greek life. They were proud of doing different sports as nude including boxing. In the ancient world we saw the expression of power, strenght and the representation of body and soul in art. Because of their religion and their belief they were able to appreciate human body and be able to understand nude arts. Mostly male human body were created in arts; although, they still made nude arts but they weren't so important to them. They took good care of their body as we seen the ancient nude male arts.They had tough and strong body image of how they symbolized male body was the temple.Now these days, it definitly influenced all the body building sports. we learned how to appreciate of human body from Greece culture, but it changed to mostly nude females and most of them expresses very sexual appearance in a bad way continued to this days.

Nadiya Anhalt

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