Thursday, March 13, 2008

To be simplistic or to not be simplistic

I think that in design terms, less is definitely more. When we look at the logos and the things that we recognize the most, we realize that the more recognizable logos are those that are extremely simple in design. Any of the big advertisements we see, the ones that we can name that logo without any letters indicating the company are the designs that are most successful. For example, the logos I have in the pictures show perfect examples of how the logos that have a porportinate amount of positive and negative spaces.
It is very important for a logo to be simple in design in design because it makes it easier to be remembered in the brain, long-term. The more repition and the more simplistic the design it, also the easier it is for us to relate it to other things. I think that we see too much design going on, it makes our minds look away, because there is too much information to take in, all at once.
If you notice in the logos that I used in the examples, there is plenty of positive and negative space. When I looked at these logos I knew what each of them stood for and what company without having to see any type of font. Also, I think that with a simplistic design that color plays a very important role, as you can see with the MSN, Apple, and NBC logo. If those designs were left in black and white, they would not nearly have as much of a profound impact on us as they do, in color.

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