Sunday, March 30, 2008

Political Propaganda from The World of Graphic Design Today

Political Propaganda in the world today, is mainly use to making people into voting or supporting a specific government idea or motive. This is put on maximum use by the armed forces during time of war. The proper name for this action is psychological warfare. They will made flyer and playing card or comic books and fly over the cities and drop massive amount of this papers. The people will read this and will start to work as a way to view our troops as friends and not the enemy. Other way are by audio media, they will place speakers on top of tanks and armed vehicles and drive around in the city broadcasting some type of music or speeches that will convince the population into assisting in the capture or turn in of fugitives to the American Soldiers.
During election times this is utilize by the other parties to throw dirt or change the mind of voters. Change the way they view the candidates, if you can change their feelings you can get their votes, this is the way they view it. Sometime this will back fire on the country making people so unpleasant with the candidates that they will decide not to vote at all and reducing the chance of the country to get a fare election.
Today anyone with a computer and a photo editing program or good imagination, can make a Political propaganda piece. That he can display on the internet and give the opportunities to a big amount of people to see it and be influence by it.
In my opinion this personal political propaganda pieces are more interesting that the ones created by the political parties. They show the true feeling of society or at least the individual who put the time in their creation.
For that reason I place two images of someone political opinion!

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