Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is less more (in terms of Design)?

Is less more in design? Good question. I would have to say it depends on what kind of design you are talking about. In terms of a logo in graphic design, yes less is more. I say that because you want to create a logo that will convey the message you want as well as get peoples attention, but at the same time you do not want to overwhelm them with it either. The problem with that is how do you know what is enough?? Now if you are talking in terms of the design/layout of a house or business office then no less is not more, less is just less and in most cases not enough. When designing a house there are several factors the designer needs to take into account. Not only dose he need to satisfy his customer but he also needs to think about where necessary aspects of a house like the water heater (one of the hardest things to design around [I know I did it]) and things of that nature. This has to be done while still designing a house that the client will be pleased with. Much the same can be said for the field of graphic design. In most cases you the designer are hired by a client to sell their product. Now you have to design a logo that will be aesthetically pleasing to the consumer and still get the point across. For example if you work for a cell phone company you are not going to design your logo around the image of a car. If you did that you would be making it look like if it belongs on the roof of a car dealership. Ultimately it depends on your employer and the viewer of the design to make the chose as to wither less is more or not.

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