Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Greeks & The Human Body

The ancient Greeks truly appreciated and even idolized the human body. Their culture created perfect male and female forms. To them, the human body was seen as beautiful and not shamefull. For the ancient Greeks and Romans, a naked body was a very familiar sight. Athletes would actually perform in the nude. Many nude sculptures were created to honor a particular god or goddess. The ancient Greeks placed such great importance on the human body because they believed that their Gods were said to appear as people. Because these Gods were to be were to be complete perfection in a human form, the sculptors would try to portray that ideal model. Before this time, women were often viewed only for their purpose of use; such as the ability to be fertile but the greeks adapted the beauty of a women's curves for not only their purpose but to admire. In conclusion, the ancient Greeks made the human body into truly amazing art that will continue to be admired. The details that were made to protray the human body are remarkable. I can not even imagine the time and dedication that one put into created an emaculate human body sculpture such as the Greeks did.

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Stephanie Lewis said...

What of their philosophy about the body remains today?