Monday, February 25, 2008

William Blake

William Blake was an outstanding English poet and artist living from 1757 to 1827. To me, he seemed to be very motivated and well driven because when he was only twenty seven he opened his first printing shop with his brother Robert. I see Blake as being very imaginative and passionate about the things and people that he loved. Blake once felt as if he saw Roberts "joyful" soul rising into the ceiling which made me realize he might have been an emotionally attached and caring person. After learning that Blake had visioned a dream of his brother in which Robert gave him a way to illustrate his many different poems and illustrations, I sense he looks up to the ones he loves and respects their own individual opinions or ideas. He first began to publish his poetry, then him and his wife would either hand color each page with either water colors or printed colors. I find it very interesting and special that his wife was able to share his desired passion with him throughout his years. In Blake's title page from Songs of Innocence, the colors are bright, tend to swirl, and also enable the viewers to feel a sense of emotion being involved. He enjoyed integrating letters into allusions throughout his work. I think he shared a very special gift because just by seeing the cover page from Songs of Innocence, I feel like he actually cared and enjoyed art and becoming an amazing and talented fine artist. Because of the many different bright colors presented throughout his work, many different expressions and forms of abstract art can be observed by the viewers. In my English Comp 2 class, we actually had to read one of Blake's poems Tiger Tiger which I thought was extremely interesting because I was allowed to put his name together with his imaginative and meaningful piece of poetry. After looking further into the meaningful and fantasy work of William Blake, I feel he is definitely an illustrator because he designs and thinks of how he wants his work to look like, however I feel he is more of a fine artist because when I look at his work its more than just a piece. When I study it, I feel a huge sense of imagination, fantasy, effort, creativity, and a individual who is actually excited about his art work and actually takes his time while putting forth tons of effort and mind seeking ideas.

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