Monday, February 25, 2008

William Blake: "Fine Artist" or "Illustrator?"

It is hard to simply classify William Blake as either a fine artist or an illustrator, because he did so much. Blake can be classified as many things. He was an illustrator by how he took and created these images to illustrate his poetry, he was a fine artist through his beautiful work of color and design ( he even fits the fine artist bit by dieing unappriciated for his work),and he was a graphic design artist through his way of laying out his pages and combining the image with the text. William Blake could also be classified as an inventor in the graphic design field because of his way of combining the text with the image. A technique that at his time was viewed as madness in our time is viewes as pure genious. Because of William Blake's work, the combining of text and image has become a widely used style in many graphic designs in the present day.

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