Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why the Egyptians were so preoccupied with continuity and permanence

I believe that the reasoning for the Egyptians preoccupation with continuity and permanence is their strong religious beliefs. Their religion played a huge role in the Egyptian's lifestyle. Along with religion came their Kings. While their religion guided every aspect of their lives, they were more than dedicated to their Kings. The Egyptians put an enormous amount of focus, determination, and hard work into building emaculate burial sites for their leaders in the afterlife. The Egyptian people felt as if they owed everything to their King for his leadership and guidence. This kind of loyalty lead the Egyptian people to build hundreds of pyramids, including the astonishing Great Pyramid for King Khufu. These places of burial were so crucial in their religion because of the great focus on the afterlife of the Egyptians. They believed that in their afterlife one can live in their Pyramids forever. They also believed that the stars were heaven and the entrance was to face it. I think that it is very clear that the Egyptians seemed to be more preoccupied with the afterlife than their very own. In just one word I would definately describe the people of Egypt as dedicated. Dedicated to their beliefs and their King. I believe that dedication lead to their obsession of continuity and permanence. They embodied everything for their king and his burial site and had the Great Pyramid to show for it. The symbolization of the pyramids is the Egyptian's incredible, hardworking, loyal, and determined community.

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