Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What is your theory as to why Egyptians seem so preoccupied with continuity and permanence?

I think many Egyptians had a very common fear of death, which can form a very strong idea of religion. Which Is why they may have come up with their idea of an afterlife. It is very frightening for some to think that when you die its over, all you have owned and achieved in life is gone, I feel that the pharaohs especially went to great lengths to keep that from happening. They would be so preoccupied with endlessness that they would prepare for the afterlife before they truly even began to live. They would do this by building magnificent pyramids and collect precious treasures which would go along with them into the afterlife. The Egyptians in a since worshiped wealth and prosperity they loved their material goods and they were not about to let death take their goods away, In my opinion that is why they seem so preoccupied with continuity and permanence, they didn’t want to loose what they had worked so hard to achieve. By believing in an afterlife all your possessions are safe with you, and will be forever, there is no longer a need to fear death. However most Egyptians still did fear death because with every religion a pleasant afterlife is never a grantee. In my opinion, In a time when death was seen often and a long life rare, its not unusual that there would be such a need to believe in something beyond death.

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Stephanie Lewis said...

Materialists DO tend to want to live forever. Poor people often look for hope and reprieve in an afterlife.