Thursday, February 14, 2008

Relationships between: the invention of the printing press, humanism, the renaissance, and the protestant reformation.

The invention of typography is considered to be one of the most important inventions of all time. Typography printing, other wise known as moveable type was first invented by Johann Gutenburg in 1450. During this time in Europe a renaissance was taking place. Leonardo Da Vinci was painting the "last Supper" and Columbus was sailing to the Americas and the church was the focus of society.
The invention of the printing press caused an explosion in the already growing renaissance.
People started reading more because more books were avalible and Universities were built to supply the peoples demand for knowledge. The increase of knowledge of corse made the church nervous because they were making most of their money off of scamming the general public through the sales of salvation (indulgences). Also made more avalible through the use of the printing press. Advertizing was made more possible through the printing press and through that came graphic design. With advertising being used more, people were able to express their ideas to more people causing those people to have ideas inspired by what they read.
Ideas like Martin Luther's 95 thesis, in which he called the church out on its bluff of "you can buy your way to heaven." This brought on a religious revoultion. People started to question the church and everything they had been taught to believe.

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