Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Printing Press, Humanism, Renaissance

The printing press is arguably one of the most important in the history of man kind. With its creation people could have access to books at a much smaller cost. One of the first books to be printed was the Bible. Before the invention of the printing press only the wealthy had access to books, now even the common man could perches books.

Because of this some movements started coming about. One of witch was Humanism. Because people were no longer relying on the church for information people started thinking for themselves. This gave way to the Renaissance. An explosion of information such as art and science were readily available. Artist started painting things as they saw them for there own purposes not just what the church wanted them to. This gave way to what is known as the Protestant Reformation.

This was a movement of people who started to think that the church had grown too powerful and become corrupt and greedy. One such person was a monk named Martin Luther. Who when visiting Rome discovered that the church who he believed to be doing gods work on earth was actually exploiting people. Outraged by what he saw he began to protest what the church was doing. The printing press helped his voice be herd and would eventually lead to the church losing a tremendous amount of power. Nome of these things would have been possible without the invention of the printing press.

In the age we live in where information is only a click away you might think that we have no use for a device created in the 14th century. This is not so. Even though we can buy books on line now the printing press (or at least a more advanced version of it) is still responsible for things like news papers and most importantly money. Without the first printing press I think there is a chance that things would have turned out very differently.

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