Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Printing Press, Humanism, The Renaissance, and the Protestant Reformation

Gutenberg was a pioneer who created the tool needed from society to expand into publishing. This invention was created on the year 1450, at this time was fully operational.
This German created the first printing machine, with this invention he created the forty two line Bible.
This invention happen to had a big influence during the Renaissance time and the Protestant Reformation. The Humanism was very much affected by this invention. This open the door to more publishing and allowed them to publish them studies in religion and opinions. Putting a end to some of the corruption of the church and with this the Renaissance time.
During the Renaissance times the Church had total control of society and they were tire of this. But they did not had a way to spread the word to the rest of the people. So most of them may felt like they were the only ones in disagreement with the church. Until the printing press was created and this allow them to spread the word fast, quickly and for a low cost. Taking some of the power away from the church and returning it to the people.
Not only a tool for revolution but also a way to express art and story writing. For this reasons and many more this was a great invention. Without the invention of such of wonderful machine big changes in history would took longer or may never had taken place at all!

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