Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Photography's Imapct on our World Today

Before the first camera was invented which enabled photography to widely spread, different artists, graphic designers, and illustrators had to spend an enormous amount of time and effort in every little piece of work. When an artist was painting a formal picture of an individual, they had to encounter the little movements that he/she may have made, drawing from just simply looking at him/her, and had to try to display every little piece of emotion and feeling from an individual in their art work by simply observing. However, since Photography is very popular in our society today, it allows different artists to take pictures of whatever they want, then go back to their studio and actually have time to observe each little characteristic which adds a totally different emphasis on the picture itself. Also, photography has highly impacted our choices and abilities in the hands of a graphic designer. Now, we have the ability to move pictures around, rotate the picture, and add any emphasis wherever we may want it for the picture to express the best. Without the usage of photography ranging from just a little piece of work to totally remaking something, I feel our world would be totally different. Photography has not only affected the desired artists of their choice, but it has also affected individual people because without having photography their would be know way to take pictures on vacations, showing off wonderful times, and lastly keeping a close recall on each individual as he/she progresses throughout their lifetime. As my very own individual, I feel it is highly important and I really try to have a camera on me at all times because I am not ever sure what I might encounter and what better way to tell a story about something without that amazing picture that shows it all.

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