Monday, February 11, 2008

My Policy on Saving the Art in Iraq.

My policy for saving the art in Iraq would be to set very firm rules on what needs to protected on station men and/or guards at certain places. On the other hand, I do believe that most of the art needs to be transported to other counrties on the agreement that it will be returned when the country is stable enough to accpet them back. Of course, there will always be war but by then there could be a place built out of steel to keep the art safe from bombs and other things like weather. On my opinion on placing guards at some very important places is good but not Americans but instead guards from Iraq that feel passionate about saving the work. The Americans could train them to the best of our knowledge and then see what happens. If anything goes bad then we could jump back in to correct it but they should be able to defend and correct it themselves when the time comes. The firm rules would be for example, the art that can be transported, be transported. Another rule would be to have certain places mark on a map for the Air Force so they know that they can't bomb there but they can fight hand to hand if needed.

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