Wednesday, February 13, 2008

how the printing press changed the world

To think of what life would be like without the printing press just doesn’t seem possible at this day and age. From the printing press came type writers, and eventually the computers we use today. So to say Gutenberg changed the world would be an understatement. With the printing press Gutenberg was able to create the Gutenberg bible therefore spreading the word of God to everyone.
Soon after the printing press came along the belief of humanism. Because the church had so much power back in that day the pope was pretty much telling the people that they could be in charge of there own fate, by buying indulgences. When buying indulgences the people thought that they were buying a get out of purgatory free card but in reality it was just a piece of paper.
Around this same time was the renaissance. Because of Gutenberg’s printing press books of knowledge were being written and read everywhere. Art was everywhere. Paintings, sculptures you name it, it was happening during the renaissance.
During this time and because of the church selling indulgences by the millions came a man named Martin Luther. Luther was a monk who went on a pilgrimage to the great city of Rome and then discovered that it was not at all what he had pictured. The priests in the church were not interested in saving people but in gaining more money. So Luther being very disgusted created the 95 thesis and posted it on the door of the popes’ church. Because of the printing press Luther’s 95 theses along with his views on the way the church was acting were made available to the masses, thus making citizens angry at the church.
So Gutenberg really thought that he just changed the world that he lived in he could have not imagined that his invention has pretty much created how we live today.

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