Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fine Art and Graphic Design

Are their differences between the fine arts and graphic design well that depends on who you ask, Some people like me think of fine art as the great master pieces that Michelangelo or da Vinci created centuries ago. People who study drawing and painting are what we consider to be fine art students or just simply artist. With that in mind I suppose you could say that that my look on fine art is some what of an outdated one. Graphic design on the other hand seams to be some thinking that is used primarily in advertising. Sure you walk by an ad and the sheer design of it catches your attention much the same as a painting would have done years ago. The one major difference for me living now in the 21st century is the computer. Now people can create designs by learning programs like Photoshop and illustrator rather then doing it on paper or canvas. The line between the two would seam clear. If you want to sell a product you study and do graphic design. If you want to sell just your work for your own purposes then you study fine art. Yet there are still those who blur the line between them. Those that know my interest know that most of the modern art that I look at lies in the realm of fantasy. Threw the years I have seen several images by people on the subject done mostly by paint on canvas. Recently I came across a book published in 2003 that primarily had pictures of vampires. Imagine my surprise when I learned that these images were created using Photoshop and photography, with some airbrush work here and there. As technology advances the possibility that fine art as we know it would become a dyeing art to the more popular graphic design, or maybe the line between the two will continue to exist just become more flexible as time passes. But the overall answer to the question is there a difference between fine art and graphic design will always be up to the person whom the question is asked.

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