Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why was verism important to the Romans, is a question that can be answered in various ways. My theory on why verism was so important to the Romans especially in their art was to maintain their history. Their art works was done a very realistic manner, they included every single detail when it came to someones face. Including the wrinkles, large nose, aging eyes and anything in order to capture the moment of that persons life. I believe that they would do this in order to preserve and remember that time in history. This would allow them to keep in a sense their ancestors alive and i believe it seemed more alive because of the verism that was used to capture their ancestors. Romans i think that by allowing to show every single detail in the persons face, some which were considered flaws, was what made that individual and captured their age and wisdom in a sense. You can always tell by the amount of wrinkles that someone may have and calculate around the age they are. The Romans captured these small but important details knowing how important each individuals "flaw" was and realized that those "flaws" were what made that person...that person! Every single scar that is on someone is a different story and i think that the Romans understood that and knew the importance of portraying every single detail when they did their works of art. I believe this hope of keeping the past alive is most definitely still wanted to this day. Thats why pictures are taken, in order to portray every single detail of each person during that time of their life. This keeps history alive in a sense and is what allows you to being able to tell the story of that person, either of that point in their life, of their scars, of their wisdom and the list goes on. I believe the Romans new the importance of each individual and that is why they captured it so well when they did any type of art work of them.

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