Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Romanesque art and architecture reflect the times in terms of form, style, and content in a number of ways. As soon as the Romans invented concrete they became obsessed with building many large structures. During the Romanesque period that was also true only it was many large churches. The structures that were built during the Roman times and the Romanesque Era had many similarities. The Romanesque Era used Barrel vaults, groin vaults and a fenestrated sequence of groin vaults which were all invented by the Romans. A barrel vault is a regular arch that is extended creating a ceiling that is long and round. Groin vaults is formed by two barrel vaults intersecting at right angles. The Romanesque Era also carried on the use of Ionic columns and half columns throughout the architecture. Although the elaborate decorations inside roman structures did not really come until after the rule of Constantine and the beginning of the church, the Romanesque Era carried on this style. Both Roman and Romanesque people used sculptures and reliefs to decorate the outside of their structures.
The style of the people were a lot alike also. They were real in their features but the body parts were not proportionally accurate. The subjects of the art were people that were of great importance. During the Roman times it was important to them to portray features of people accurately and the rest of the body did not really matter. During the Romanesque period it was more important to get the point of the story across than to worry about correct proportions.

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