Thursday, April 22, 2010


The blending of pagan in Christian art works and doctrines had both its advantages and disadvantages. I would think that a slight change from one belief to another would be the easiest. Incorporating animals, scrolls, burial practices from their old beliefs into their new one would make for the best transition. It helped people identify with this new religion. Possibly even made them more comfortable in changing religions because they felt like their where so many similarities. I find it always best in order to make a smooth transition with the least amount of up rise is to leave as many things unchanged as possible

However with any change comes problems and with this different type of beliefs system as with any other you’re going to run into everyone favorite radicals. And these wonderful head strong people drove many pagan things outta the churches life and its people’s life. Going as far as to destroy art, doctrines, and people. This demand to rid everyone of anything pagan was a real hypocrisy seeing how so many things in the church is based around pagan beliefs. Animals, time change, art, what the father preached at mass. A lot of these things have roots in pagan past even if the roots don’t run deep. So unforurtunality during this time if u remained pagan or if anything pagan was found it was destroyed or run outta town. so I have to say that would be the worst of it in the pagan world. However the pagans did give us some wonderful art and beliefs among other things. Even though they had to suffer to do so, after all who could stand around and watch their history be destroyed?

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