Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What Is Art?

Art is the process of creating or reproducing something or someone that has had some sort of effect on us whether emotional, physical, or mentally. Art can also be the manifestation of something in one’s mind and then put into physical form. Art can be anything anyone creates. I believe there are no rules or guide lines for what can and can’t be considered art.

Does Art have to be Intentional?

No, I believe Art does not have to be intentional. However, I Believe that Art can also be Intentional. I believe this to be true due to the fact that we don’t always know what we’re creating until we’ve created it. For example, a potter goes to throw a vase and makes a mistake. He doesn’t want to waist the clay, so be begins to shape and mold it. He does this until the clay becomes a bowl, and in the end the potter is very happy with his bowl. Thus, un-intentional Art is born.

On the other hand, a sculptor creating an ice swan knows what he wants to create. He can envision the swan and shape a block of ice to mimic the image in his head. He knew what he wanted to create, so he set off to do so. And, his end product ended up exactly as he expected. In other words, what he intended.

Does Art have to be Representational?

I believe Art Is, Or has to be, representational. Some examples are; cave paintings where they represent animals, people, or history. Drip paintings that can represent emotion, pictures with in the picture, or the music they we’re listening to, ect. It can be representational of something we saw or someone we saw. Art can represent something we created in our minds and want to put into a physical sense. In some way or another I believe that everything you create in the name of art is a representation of something or someone. And I could go on forever with examples.

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Steve Wright said...

I like your pottery analogy. The act of creation itself was intentional but the outcome and final work of art maybe quite different than originally planned. Or maybe their was never a plan at all. Just the intent to create something out of clay.

Thnaks for sharing your thoughts.