Monday, February 22, 2010

Theory as to why Egyptians seem so preoccupied with continuity and permanence.

I think the reason why the Egyptians are preoccupied with continuity and permanence is because they were trying to tell a story and also wanted to be immortal. For the telling a story part, in the tombs of the kings and rulers you see pictures on the walls of the life of the king or ruler doing battles and such. Every tomb has some type of battle. They wanted to show that their ruler had great power and could fight off anything. They also wanted to show how powerful their kingdom was. The bigger and more powerful they made their king and kingdom look no one would mess with them. Another way they built up their ruler was to make him taller. In all of the paintings he is the tallest figure followed by his wife as the second tallest then his kids. The taller the king, the more powerful he was. The reason why they were preoccupied with permanence is because they might have wanted to be immortals. The early Egyptians were obsessed with living for ever. Along with the paintings in the tombs you would find treasures. In these treasures would be organs that the king or ruler would need when he came back to life. They would leave the heart for example. The Egyptians thought the heart was the most important organ in the body. You felt pain, in your heart. Pain like love, heartache over a loss of a person dear to you and be trail. That is why I think they were preoccupied with continuity and permanence.

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