Saturday, February 13, 2010


I think that the theft and destruction of the ancient artwork in Iraq is a shame because it is part of that country's history. It is what helps us understand what the ancient world was like. The history of that nation is being destroyed. I know that people who get really irritated by this topic would blame the war and the people who decided that our troops should go over there to protect our country, but I personally do not. I think that having our troops over there is keeping us here safe. Yes, it is destroying artifacts, but I personally think that our lives are more important.
In a war, things are going to get destroyed. It is inevitable. In order to protect some of the ancient artwork, I think that they should be kept somewhere safe where they will not get stolen or vandalized. But obviously, not everything can be kept safe. People are greedy and are going to take things that are valuable for their own benefit. In the film we watched in class about the art in Iraq, they talked about how there were stories of a curse that were put on some of the art so that they would not be destroyed. I think that is a way that the people there try to discourage the destruction. I am not sure how exactly they could prevent it except keeping the antiquities somewhere safe.

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