Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Egyptian Art

After watching the film on the Egyptian pyramids, I think that the Egyptians who were going to be buried in these huge pyramids wanted them to be as massive and elaborate as they could be. I also think that they wanted them in the shape that we find them in today because it almost represents a mountain, which is something that is permanent. I think they wanted people from all over the place to be able to see where they were buried and know that they had power. The Egyptians made these pyramids with huge two to fifty ton stones. There is absolutely no way that they will ever be moved. And they will definitely not be destroyed easily. Egyptians knew what it would take to keep these pyramids around for hundreds of years and they obviously worked hard to keep them permanent.
I think the permanence of the pyramids symbolizes their after life. These permanent structures kept the bodies of rulers safe as they entered the after life to be buried in something that would forever keep them safe. The after life is something that the Egyptians prepared for throughout their entire lives. They took special precautions to preserve the dead bodies and make special body cases to kind of preserve the majesty of the person if they were a king or someone of high importance. It is almost as if they wanted to make a statement to the world for years to come. If that is what they were aiming for, they definitely succeeded. Their artwork is something that will forever be known as "Egyptian."

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