Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Abduction and Destruction of Iraq Artifacts

It is a shame that some of Iraq's ancient antiquities were abducted or destroyed during the Iraq war. A countries art is their history. Knowing the history of the country you came from is a part of your background. I think that is essential part of each person. It is how you know how you came to do the things you do. For example your religion. It did not just evolve yesterday, and there are reasons you came to believe the way you do. Art gives those religions a backbone. The war left Iraq in poverty. Iraq used to be a very rich country. My brother was stationed in Baghdad, and he brought back many pictures. You can tell that it used to be a beautiful thriving city. Now many of the tall buildings are run and/or broken down.

Now for the art that was destroyed during the war it is a given. But for the people of that country to steal it to sell on the black market is ridiculous. What does that say about how much you care for your country. I understand that the people are very poor but it does not give good enough reason to steal ancient artifacts.

There are ways of stopping these activities. Because of the war there were a lot less attention focused on the artifacts. They should be put under lock and key or they could spend more money providing jobs for people to guard these artifacts than than spending it all on war.

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