Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Whimsical World of Darger

Watching the film made me feel that Darger was just trying to escape the crude reality of his life; just like many of us do today but with other means. Most of us use drugs, hate, or cruelty to escape the emotions or situations that are hard for us to control and live with.
I could see how much imagination Darger could create in his stories and we should give him credit for it because it's not common to know a writer who can write such vivid and detailed accounts for a story. I also like the fact of how he never let go of his childhood mind, of how he could still live with a child heart even after all the misfortunes that he went through; not many people are able to hold to that innocence after experiencing harsh conditions so I admire Darger for being that strong.

I was very intrigued with how he was able to collect all those pieces of papers and create a beautiful story with it. This shows that not all stories have to be created with the same procedures; just like art, he was able to create something new and refreshing. He was able to do the impossible thanks to his imagination. I also liked how most of his life events were embedded within the story; it showed the deep feelings and wishes he had in his heart. He was not ashamed to show his deep secrets, of how he was mistreated and abused. Moreover, his life was able to give me a better understanding of how life for children was back at that time. Clearly, most children today have so many things that Darger and the rest of the children in that age were unfortunate to lack.

But if it wasn't for those obstacles and harsh conditions that Darger went through, maybe he wouldn't have created that story; after all it dealt with the injustice that most foster children were faced with in that period of time. I hope that our society will take in Darger's story and recognize that anybody can be a great writer/artist. We should never judge of discredit someone who does not fit in the typical characteristics to be considered a great writer or artist. So we should be more open to anybody who has a skill and be able to accept them.

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