Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Darger Response

As an illustrator of a comic, I can relate to Henry Darger. As the comic develops, I am more drawn into the world of my characters. After the film ended I gained some inspiration for my children characters, but I also began thinking of how an artist can gain a relationship with a drawn figure.

There are many parts of character design. To build a round character, you have to consider many more aspect than just physical characteristics. What does the character do when he or she are angry? Feeling antisocial? Communicating with others? I tried a thought experiment where I asked one of my characters questions. The result was a little creepy!

Creepiness aside, I did have a feeling that my drawing came to life. That little bit of interaction with my own character made me think about my own thought process. My character was becoming a projection of myself- but a different version. Obviously the character would not exist without my brain, but was the new character really me? These thoughts led me to think that one could make a sound argument that Darger had a multiple personality disorder- but that he projected the disorder into his vast fantasy.

Without this artistic outlet, would Darger have been fully "crazy"?

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