Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Romanticism is a style of art that gave feeling and creativeness over reason and thought. It flourished after the Enlightenment and the pieces created better focus and composition on the art itself. The attitude during this time began to show more of culture and many of the works come during the Western civilization. Many of the paintings had a mysterious and creative flow to them, but they focused more on medieval beliefs and all the stories that were being told. If you look at any Romanticism paintings they are very emotional, which can give you a look back at the Renaissance period. Many of the paintings also show inner struggles with men and women, and they give a deeper feeling of wonder or pleasure for natural beauty. Artists depicted many dramatic scenes and it helped them to create better images of the world. A lot of paintings has X-shaped compositions and that made it where the viewer was always pretty much looking at the piece in the same direction every time. It kept them looking from all sides of the artwork. Artists also liked to show shadow in their pieces, so it was easier to bring out the objects that they put into them. This also helped create greater contrast and composition with the surroundings in the painting. Romanticism may have focused on many things, but many artists loved to show the beauty of art. A lot of animals were a symbol of power of of beauty and artists would make landscape paintings so that they could show how beautiful and relaxing those places were. This way they could remember what those places looked liked, before something ever happened to them.

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