Monday, November 16, 2009

Artists Roles in Modern Era

Life today is complicated – the world is moving at such a fast past. There isn’t enough time to ponder the results or where we are going. All of us wear different hats, so to speak, at different times through our lives. They are most often roles of our own choosing and are what we make them.

I think that artists play several roles in the modern era – the question is, what role do they choose to play? What is their quest? What is their passion? What are their priorities? Like everyone else, they make choices about the role(s) they play.

Some artists are creators or inventors- they create art because they can’t think of living any other way. They have a need to create. It’s a way of breathing for them – a way of existing. They wouldn’t be happy if they couldn’t create art.

Some artists are business men – creating art is a way of making a living. There is nothing wrong with this – welcome to the real world! Artists who are not good business men often use Galleries to promote their work. There is a need for an artist to promote both themselves and their work. It is a necessary evil of the world – we all need money.

Some artists are activists. They promote some cause or another through their art. Their art is created to heighten awareness of the cause or plight that they have aligned themselves with. Many have raised awareness and money for the plight of the homeless or those suffering from childhood cancers.

Other artists seem to choose the role of rebel -fighting against the restraints of conformity; fighting against the restraints of society’s moral code of conduct. Perhaps they have the need to contribute something new to the world.

And then there are artists who are striving to express themselves – to find a way to communicate their emotions and thoughts. I think of autistics or other developmentally or emotionally delayed children or adults that use art as a means of expression and communication. When what they have to say may be too difficult for words.

Artists have roles in life – just like everyone else. It’s what they make of them that defines their legacy.

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