Wednesday, October 14, 2009

when i consider how things were back in the day it is easier for me to understand how important artist became so famous. for example, if a poor dude wanted to have some good clean fun the only place i can think to do that would be to go to church. he would get the chance to get out of the house and away from the family and pretend he was cultured for a few hours. there was propably enouph art that he would discover new pieces that he had overlooked in previous weeks. if this theory is true than lots of folks would be going to church. a full church every week would make the guys in charch happy and they would perhaps give some of the credit to the artist and give them more work. more work = more fans and publicity and respect from the rich dudes. this might give the artist a chance to show off how good he realy was and the better his art got the more famous he became. this might be a silly way of answering the question and a more logical reason would be that famous artist produced work that was almost perfect. anyone who creats something so stuningly different rather it be art or relgious or conquest or whatever is bond to be remebered for a long time. todays artist are not so popular but im not sure if they are any more or any less talented than the old greats. but i think even if the olds came back today they wouldnt enjoy as much popularity as they once did. i think this is due to the fact that the publics favorite form of art is now the movies. everyone has a favorite movie and director that they support. much like the old days just a different kind of art. for better or worse?? its realy just the way the world works. im sure one day movies will be a thing of the past. but any art worth saving will be remebered forever, and future generations will continue to marvel at the old renaissance legends.

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