Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Masters & Art Stars

The masters of the Renaissance and Baroque periods became stars as a result of the Counter- Reformation and the Protestant Reformation. As the number of Protestants grew, so did the demand for artwork. And as the number of Protestants grew, the Catholic Church was in great need to draw believer back into their churches. This caused a growth and demand for propaganda for the Catholic Church. In addition to the propaganda, there was a huge spread of new reforms that dealt with government, religion and much more.

“Art Stars” such as Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Caravaggio were held very high because of their great work. This was the result of the commissioning of much of that work through the Catholic Church. Once the Church was commissioning all of this work, it caused art to become more and more popular with the public. Therefore; the Renaissance was a period where many people were taking a big interest in all of the artwork.

Baroque art was developed after the Protestant Reformation and after the Counter-Reformation. Baroque art introduced a more complicated, complex, vibrant and energetic style. As I mentioned before, the Catholic Church used this style to their advantage. They began to try to draw people back into the Church with this new stylish form of propaganda.

Today, we still have great “art stars” and masters. Art has continued and will always continue to form, change and grow. Art has become much more abstract, bizarre, real, and beautiful. And many, many artists have their pieces show across the world; in each and every corner, their name is known.

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