Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Renaissance Aesthetic

The Renaissance art is still very popular today. During the Renaissance the artists would study perspective and how things were supposed to look. They examine how things look when close up to when they are farther away. With the artists doing this, it made their art give better depth. Artists worked a lot with light and shadow on an object and they also liked to create different kinds of emotion in their pieces. I would have to say that I do like the Renaissance art. It king of gives you a challenge, were you have to really look at the artwork and try to get what the artists is trying to say. I like how the artists made better perspective and that they a least tried to make greater depth. I really appreciate the Renaissance art because I know that many artists had to of put a lot of time and thought into the pieces. I have done some painting myself and I know how time consuming that it can be. I also like all the different colors that many artists used and the dramatic scenes that they captured. It is great to see artworks from the Renaissance these days because you really don't get to see as much as you would like to. My mind gets really astonished when I look at a piece of Renaissance art and you can't tell if it is a photograph or a painting. Many artists are really talented to make their paintings look so real and how they create their painting with all different light and dark areas.

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