Wednesday, September 16, 2009

David Hockney

David Hockney began to notice a ton of similarities in art along time by posting art on a wall. Hockney noticed things like the way the lighting was in a artwork, the size, a blur point and how photographic the images were. With all the similarities David Hockney provides, how else can it not be true? How else could art be created so that it is photographic? The sketches were contour and with outlining on pain focal points very much like when an image is being traced. The artists who had perspective done right had used a lens or concave mirror so they could simply trace the subjects that were projected. After the new technology was spread great artists no longer had a monopoly over others. The artists had incredible “new” talent that was a realistic photograph. After every artist had the ability to create these type of photographic images, art began to become a little more abstract and unique to the great artists, cubism was introduced as well as many other abstract art techniques. A painting involving extremely “true to life” subjects weren’t achieved without a projection and an artist “in the know” of this new technology.

Chelsea Martz

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