Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Romanesque art and architecture

The Romanesque time period is the first real time period that started to generate the growth in trade in Europe. This trade increase increased the town sizes. This reminds me of over seven-hundred years later when one looks at America, and still in some ways the current America. The trade in America is what I believed broadened America. Since trade was made among most rivers, the towns on the rivers grew at a rapid pace. This is seen in America along the Mississippi River. This was, however, seen before in the Romanesque time period.
The use of wooden roofs, is another way in which i see today in churches that reminds me of the Romanesque time period. When i say the wooden roofs, i don't mean to say that this time period was the first to use the wooden roofs, because they were not. By this i mean that they still used the wooden roofs, whenever something else is available and is common in most other places, such as stone vaulting. I see the wooden roofs today in multiple churches. Most catholic churches around here in some way have a wooden structure ceiling. Now, they are not a solid wooden structure. Most of the ones that i see are use Sheetrock in between the wood structures. Most other places do not have any form of wood in the ceilings. They are purely Sheetrock. I feel that this is mainly there to give the aspect of a older church design.

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