Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pagan Symbols Found in Christian Elements

When looking at Christian images and beliefs that are present in the bible and the worship of the Christian people, one would see that a great amount of pagan belief is blended and used to represent them. A good example, is the visual use of the cross in which Christ was crucified. during the Roman era, crucifixion was viewed as a tool to infiltrate terror and despair within any rebel that would have wanted to come up against the Romans. the cross, therefore, was a symbol of terror and death; something that is completely different when regarding the symbol of Christ's cross.

Christians have used the cross in paintings, sculptures, and even jewelry. They believe that the cross represents Christ's gift to the world to diminish all sin and also to demonstrate resurrection and God's power. What is not right, is that many people forget that the cross was used to destroy millions of people throughout the Roman Empire. Because of this, it is very risky to blend a pagan belief with Christianity for it goes against the morality of the christian religion if one looks at the cross' real meaning during that era.

Furthermore, when Christianity was established as the new religion, all pagan belief was forbidden and looked as unholy. This is very ironic for many pagan symbols, other than the cross, can be seen throughout christian beliefs. Even the spear that the devil is supposed to pertain in the christian religion, was taken from the pagan symbol of Triton's spear. Moreover, even the names of the calendar used today, come from names of pagan gods.

Overall, the Christian religion was against all pagan belief for only one god was to be worshipped. Many pagan believers were killed and persecuted because of this. Therefore, by Christianity assembling pagan beliefs to their religion can be looked as a disadvantage for it goes against its own laws and beliefs.  If Christianity hadn't placed laws against the Pagan religion and instead had respected  and accepted it, the blending of pagan and christian belief would have been a great advantage for it would have had all people come together, even if they were Christians or Pagans.

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